Donald Trump’s Strangest Bedfellows

I have not added material to this blog in a long time, as I have had other blogs and websites that have been vying for my attention.

But an astonishing wild and woolly religious story has been playing out just under the surface of American current events for the past year. I have been covering this story as a series of entries on another of my blogs, but I think it is now time to take this Wild World blog out of mothballs, dust it off,  and share my discoveries on here also!

In fact, this latest saga surprisingly contains some of the same elements and same players as the last blog series that I completed here on Wild World way back in 2012! It is just that this time around, the Three Ring Circus is MUCH bigger, MUCH more sinister, and the stakes MUCH higher.

Without remembering what I called the series on here in 2012–“Strange Bedfellows”… I even incorporated the Strange Bedfellows theme into the title of the new series! But instead of it being just about various individuals at the fringe of the Wild World of Religion being “strange bedfellows” among themselves, this time around a whole menagerie of strange bedfellows from that same religious fringe aligned themselves around a candidate for the presidency of the United States. And eventually they became aligned around (and potentially strongly influential in some of the decisions of) the same man as he entered the Oval Office and became the de facto Leader of the Free World! A few photos to give you a small taste of what’s been included so far in this series…





paulagray   paulablack






You can read about this unfolding story on Wild World’s “sister blog,” a blog I call StarrTrekking.  (My middle name is STARR…yes, spelled with two RRs…and thus the pun in the name of the blog.) Clicking the link below will take you to the introductory blog entry to the series. At the end of that entry, you will find a link to the next in the series. Just like on Netflix or Hulu, you can choose to “binge read” all the way through the entries up to the latest one. Or you can take your time and read one at a time over a period of days. There are currently five parts to the series, with more to come. But be sure to start at the beginning with…

Donald Trump’s Strangest Bedfellows (Introduction) 

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