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God’s Era

The latest entry in my blog series on the StarrTrekking blog, on Donald Trump’s Strangest Bedfellows, is now available. Click the link to read “God’s Era.”

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Donald Trump’s Strangest Bedfellows

I have not added material to this blog in a long time, as I have had other blogs and websites that have been vying for my attention. But an astonishing wild and woolly religious story has been playing out just … Continue reading

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Strange Bedfellows, Episode 3: Have Shofar, Will Travel

(Be sure to read the earlier episodes before you get to this one: The Black Bapticostal Bishop and Yogis, Swamis—and Rabbis) A really strange event, that most folks … including most conservative Christians … somehow missed in the news occurred … Continue reading

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Strange Bedfellows, Episode 1: The Black Bapticostal Bishop

For a few weeks in January/February 2012, religious news outlets were dominated by stories and video clips of a Close Encounter of the Weird Kind between a Black Bapticostal Bishop and a lily-white pseudo-Jewish quasi-Messianic self-ordained Rabbi. And therein lies … Continue reading

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